List of invited speakers

E.G. Altmann (Germany) Rare words and scaling laws in language [SLIDES PDF]
J. Bec (France) Effective rates in dilute advection-reaction systems [SLIDES PDF]
G. Benettin (Italy) The Fermi-Pasta-Ulam problem: old ideas, recent results [SLIDES PDF]
R. Burioni (Italy) Rare events and scaling in superdiffusive materials and in field-induced anomalous dynamics
A. Crisanti (Italy) Fluctuation relation for weakly ergodic aging systems [SLIDES PDF]
L. Gammaitoni (Italy) Operating basic switches in the presence of large fluctuations: minimal energy consideration [SLIDES PDF]
K. Gawedzki (France) Macroscopic fluctuation theory for non-equilibrium systems with mean-field interactions [SLIDES PDF]
J. Kurchan (France) Stochastic perturbation of integrable systems: a window to weakly chaotic systems [SLIDES PDF]
A. S. Lanotte (Italy) Extreme Deviations in Turbulent Pair Dispersion [SLIDES PDF]
S. Lepri (Italy) Fluctuations in a diffusive medium with gain [SLIDES PDF]
P. Muratore-Ginanneschi (Finland) On extremals of the entropy production by Kramers-type stochastic dynamics [SLIDES PDF]
I. Pagonabarraga Mora (Spain) Emergent structures in suspensions of molecular motors [SLIDES PDF]
S. Pigolotti (Spain) Thermodynamics of biological copying [SLIDES PDF]
F. Ritort (Spain) Statistical mechanics in the nanoscale: from physics to biology [SLIDES PDF]
K. Sekimoto (France) Interplay between energy and momentum in stochastic phenomena beyond description Langevin Momentum transfer deficit due to dissipation [SLIDES PDF]
K. Sneppen (Denmark) Biological competition and diversity [SLIDES PDF]
I. Sokolov (Germany) Normal and anomalous diffusion in random potential landscapes [SLIDES PDF]