This conference aims at commemorating and honoring our dear friend and colleague Giovanni Paladin by bringing together scientists working in statistical mechanics and dynamical systems, scientific disciplines which were close to his interests and very dear to him.

Giovanni (1958-1996) had a distinguished career in education and research in statistical physics, turbulence and chaotic systems. In 1992 he became associate professor at the University of L'Aquila. His enchanting enthusiasm inspired and introduced many young researchers to his passions: chaos, turbulence, disordered systems, climbing and skiing. Giovanni left us while climbing on Gran Sasso.

Large Deviations Theory, whose applications to turbulence and disordered systems are among the main contributions by Giovanni, is nowadays a well established theoretical framework allowing systematic treatments of rare events and fluctuations going beyond the Gaussian approximation in several subjects. This conference aims at offering to scientists, coping with rare events and large deviations in different contexts from physics to biology, the occasion to exchange ideas, tools and techniques.

Practical information

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Registration starts Monday 23 at 08:00
Conference begins Monday 23 at 09:15
Poster session Tuesday 24 at 16:00
Conference ends Wensday 25 at 13:00

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Conference location Aula Conversi - Physics Department, Marconi building I floor -

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